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The grasping quiet before the storm.

a dreamer.
a hunter. an artist. a writer.
a student. a reader. a gamer.
a pianist. an oneiromancer.
a remembrancer. a phantasm.
a medic. an empath. a wanderer.
a seeker. a hunger. an assassin.
a dreamer.

✿Q U E S T I O N_B O X✿

m y d e v i a n t A R T

...by the way, if you love words and learning, plus want to help fight against hunger, FreeRice (working with the World Food Programme or WFP) is a brilliant way to spend a little time :) Check it out below!

Online game to end hunger

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  1. Nutrition: 10 Stubborn Food Myths That Just Won't Die, Debunked by Science(via @Lifehacker)

    Every other week, new research claims one food is better than another, or that some ingredient yields incredible new health benefits. Couple that with a few old wives’ tales passed down from your parents, and each time you fire up your stove or sit down to eat a healthy meal, it can be difficult…

    I’ve always found nutrition to be very interesting and I liked this article posted by Lifehacker. What are your food myths? :P

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